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Oily Cart will tour three versions of TUBE in Autumn 2013

11 July 2013

TUBE returns in Autumn 2013 for a tour around the UK. There are three different versions of TUBE, one for babies aged 6 months – 2 years, one for children aged 3-11 with profound and multiple learning disabilities and another for children aged 3-11 on the autism spectrum.  

Watch as Oily Cart transform the tube into a feast for the senses. We'll conjure up a tactile wonderland from a fabulous variety of tubes - tubes filled with sound, tubes that puff out gentle breezes, tubes glistening with kaleidoscopic colours to delight and entrance our audience.

Baby TUBE tour dates:
PMLD and ASD tour dates:

What critics and audiences say

Webb and his team have found ingenious ways of appealing to every sense – hearing, sight, smell, touch and taste – and it is profoundly moving when suddenly you see a door of understanding and enjoyment open for a child who seems normally to be generally trapped within his or her impairment.

Susan Elkin, The Stage on PMLD TUBE

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! For coming to Gibside School and sharing your wonderful show with the children in my class this morning. Every single child had a wonderful sensory experience and I was simply overwhelmed with their responses.

Teacher at Gibside School, Newcastle on PMLD and ASD TUBE

It was beautifully done – I’ve never seen my daughter react so strongly to anything!  Was wonderful.

Parent at Tara Arts on Baby TUBE