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Blog by Claire de Loon: Designing Mirror Mirror

21 July 2016

Mirror Mirror is our latest show for young people with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities or an Autistic Spectrum Condition. The themes of the show are echoing and mirroring, The multi-sensory elements include a lot of messy play with clay, bubbles and warm sand.

The show is for young people aged between 3 and 19. I have gone for a glittery glamorous mirror ball world that should appeal across the wide age range, including the adult companions.

The setting is a combination beauty parlour and film star dressing room. We have 6 beauty parlour chairs set within a circle of sparkling mirrors. The audience can see themselves and at the same time, they can see the performers in their mirrors. The chairs swivel to face the performers in the centre and they can recline and go up and down. These movements are particularly appropriate for the ASC audiences.

The mirrors can lean forward over the head of a young person in wheelchair. They become clear screens onto which shimmering glitter can be springled.

The beautiful live music is played by Echo (Micol Degl’innocenti) on a harp. We have made a mirrored stand to make her and the harp a central feature. The colour scheme is mainly silver with a background of deep blue. I have added touches of gold and acid yellow for richness. The chairs have been decorated with silver coversand colour-coded with fluffy headrests. The young people are given lovely capes to keep them clean during the clay massage scene.


Sponge (Fatima Niemogha) models a pink chair and the sky blue cape. The costumes have to create an ensemble look for the company while remaining distinct for each character. Sponge has sponges in her hair. Mirror (Griff Fender) has a reflective panel on his chest and tiny mirror balls on his hat.




Each actor wears a wristband with a different perfume as well as having a particular colour, texture and silhouette.


The cast with Conor. They sing his name song in front of his illuminated mirror. All the focus is on Conor and his reflected image.