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Oily Cart successfully completes new building works

5 April 2013

We're delighted to announce that Oily Cart has successfully completed a major capital project that will significantly improve our capacity to produce and develop work for our audiences, through increasing access, efficiency and creating an inspirational design.  Our new building was expertly designed by Hawkins Brown and constructed by Penten Group.

Oily Cart has made Smallwood School Annexe in Tooting its home for 16 of its 31 year history. The annexe has served us well - our close proximity to the brilliant Smallwood School and to all the excellent special schools in the Wandsworth borough has allowed us to establish a great base from which we produce groundbreaking work for the very young and for those with complex learning disabilities locally, nationally and internationally. It has been very important to us to renovate the building so that our base is as accessible as our motto  'All Sorts of Shows for All Sorts of Kids'.  With the installation of a lift and adapted facilities the new building in fully accessible, both physically and for those with learning disabilities. The current improvements also remove current restrictions to working with young people onsite.  Whilst not becoming a public venue, the aim would be to provide work on site for a larger number of children from the local community - primary schools and nurseries, Children's Centres and Special Schools.  

Through its distinctive build and design, which includes a new floating mezzanine and a lift covered in gold cladding, the Oily Cart building will raise the profile of the organisation and develop its work within the immediate community, as well as adding to the already characterful architectural landscape of Tooting. The improved facilities and working conditions allow for Oily staff to increase productivity, this includes enhanced workshop and rehearsal space, storage, green room facilities, the creation of a quiet respite space and the utilisation of loft space as a new Mezzanine level.  The completion of the building marks a landmark moment in our history and we're very proud of our beautiful new building.