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Oily Cart selected for the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal 2012

3 December 2012

Oily Cart is delighted to have been selected as one of the charities to be supported by the Guardian and Observer Christmas Appeal in 2012.

The appeal is raising money for eight charities which support the rights of disabled people and people with long term illness to participate as fully as possible in society.
  Chosen from organisations who aim to empower people who have a disability, both in the UK and abroad the recipients variously provide advice and encouragement, and technological, medical and financial support, to help disabled people access employment, education, sport, and the arts. They help beneficiaries surmount practical, institutional and cultural barriers to participation and overcome often deep-rooted stigma and prejudice.
 The Guardian was inspired in part by the 2012 London Paralympics when the games showed the value of ensuring everyone in society gets a chance to participate, express themselves and realise their potential.

Tim Webb, Artistic Director of Oily Cart says “It’s wonderful that we’ve been selected to be supported by the Christmas charity appeal. There is an a great and increasing demand for our work for young people with complex disabilities but in these times of financial stringency it can be difficult for us to get to all the audiences who want us. Any additional funds would help us extend our reach to these audiences for whom there tends to be so few appropriate creative and cultural opportunities.”

Donations can be made through