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Smallwood Galactic Olympics

11 July 2012

This summer Oily Cart and Smallwood Primary School worked together on an event to outshine any other happening this year – the Smallwood Galactic Games.

In July, teams of competitors from planets and moons beyond the stars – Zingfash, Sparkzoom, Zimpop and many more – came in peace to test their sporting prowess and share their extremely varied and colourful local costumes, greetings and Galactic languages of movement and music with parents and members of the local community in Tooting.

Events commenced with a torch relay, procession with the Galactic Olympic banner and display of superpowers around the local streets. The athletes  paraded before the Headmaster of the Universe, and representatives of the Galactic Olympic Super Committee were invited to light the cauldron and open the Games. Smallwood Primary School pupils have prepared for the visitors since the beginning of June by preparing a spectacular Opening Ceremony dance. Competitors made a solemn promises; to obey the rules, respect the other teams, and not to use their x-ray vision to find weak spots or use their freezing powers to gain an advantage.

After the Games took place, athletes received their medals and the Games ended with a Closing Ceremony