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Oily Cart

Mirror Mirror

Oily Cart returns with MIRROR MIRROR, a brand new immersive adventure for children and young people with complex disabilities.

The show is for 3-19 year olds and comes in two distinct versions:

1. For children and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities

2. For those on the autism spectrum

Take a seat in Oily Cart’s extra-special salon, designed to make you feel beautiful inside and out!

MIRROR MIRROR’s multi-sensory beauty parlour is a chance to be pampered and get involved in messy play. Soft make-up brushes glide across faces, warm soapy water washes over skin, and mud-packs are massaged into hands in Oily Cart’s production for children and young people with complex disabilities. It’s a world of sparkling light and magical mirrors, complemented by the aroma of perfume and accompanied by live music from a full-sized harp. MIRROR MIRROR is an immersive, interactive treat from head to toe.

There is an Interactive Social Story available to download for free from the iBooks store onto any IOS device, type ‘Mirror Mirror Tim Webb’ in the search field and it will appear as the only option. This video demonstrates the best way to sit down on the MIRROR MIRROR chairs, and is also an opportunity for the young people attending to familiarize themselves with the characters. Check out the gallery of images from the show here.

This show will tour from 12th June - 23rd July 2017, email to enquire.


As with all of Oily Cart’s work, this piece is immersive, interactive, multi-sensory, transient and experiential, but for all its immediacy, the Oily Cart production lingers long after you’ve left the room. Mirror Mirror leaves plenty to reflect on.

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Oily Cart have surpassed themselves...Truly an exquisite experience.