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Oily Cart

Land of Lights

A splendidly-coloured hot air balloon floats over a miniature landscape.  Where have all the little people gone?  Perhaps the tiny balloonist can tell us. With the help of our audience, the adventure begins as we journey across several distinctive worlds, each with their own textures and smells - our destination being the magical and twinkly LAND OF LIGHTS.

Oily Cart presents a brand new immersive show for 3-5 year olds and their families, jam-packed with live music, puppets and a medley of wonderlands, all leading us to a sparkling finish. 


"Totally engaging – a gentle, multisensory, immersive theatre for pre-schoolers."

The Stage

"This 50-minute interactive show makes for an entertaining and in many ways magical introduction to theatre for the very young."

The Guardian

"With its careful, surprising details, dazzling costumes and committed cast, it’s not the theatre we say goodbye to when the show ends, but a treasured glimpse of a magical, hidden land."

A Younger Theatre

"If Oily Cart did run a country, I’d move there tomorrow. For now, I’m happy to be first in line to their shows."

Children's Theatre Reviews

"Oily Cart’s new show, currently touring, is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 and their families and offers a colourful piece of storytelling to excite the imagination, stimulate investigation and actively involve every child in the audience."

British Theatre Reviews

"You really feel as if you’ve been transported to a magical and surreal world. There is always something to grab your attention, something unexpected to make you smile."

Curious Mum