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Oily Cart


Birmingham observer space and workshop: 5th - 8th July

Birmingham observer space and workshop £20

Box of Tricks

Oily Cart's Box of Tricks contains our fantastic new book All Sorts of Theatre for All Sorts of Kids, the 30th Anniversary DVD, as well as the 25th Anniversary DVD and Oily Cart's 30 Greatest Hits CD.  There are also some surprise multi-sensory treats included and it's all delivered in a beautiful box. 

Box of Tricks £100

30th Anniversary DVD

With this DVD, Oily Cart celebrates 30 years of making theatre for very young audiences and young people with profound and multiple learning disabilities.  This DVD contains extracts of shows created between 2008 and 2012.  For earlier work, please see our 25th Anniversary DVD.  

30th Anniversary DVD £12.50

30 Greatest Hits

To celebrate Oily Cart's 30th birthday, we've released a new album of our 30 Greatest Hits as chosen by our Musical Director Max Reinhardt. The CD charts the wonderful musical history of the company through hits such as 'How do you Hold a Baby?' from How Long is a Piece of String and 'Train's Gonna Take me Home'  from Blue.

30 Greatest Hits £7.50

Oily Cart: All Sorts of Theatre for All Sorts of Kids

In a book celebrating 30 years of Oily Cart, the founders, actors, reviewers and audience talk about the company's extraordinary plays.  Oily Cart: All Sorts of Theatre for All Sorts of Kids is an essential source book for theatre practitioners who make, or are seeking to make, theatre for young children or for children and young adults with learning disabilities; teachers and students who are engaged in Special Educational Needs, early years and nursery work, or drama and theatre, anyone interested in drama therapy or music therapy.

Oily Cart: All Sorts of Theatre for All Sorts of Kids £22.99

Activity packs

How Long is a Piece of String? Poetry and Activity Book £5.00
Inflatable Crown Balloon Hat Kit (Book, balloons, pump) by Addi Somekh £10.50

25th Anniversary DVD

Oily Cart is delighted to present our 25th Anniversary DVD, a complete sound and visual experience of 25 years of multi-sensory theatre for young children and those with complex disabilities or an Autistic Spectrum Disorder.

This DVD will be of interest to students, lecturers, theatre makers and anyone wishing to study the development of theatre for young audiences in the context of the company’s work. It features excerpts from early Oily shows, such as A Peck of Pickled Pepper right up to footage recent touring shows like If all the World were Paper, Big Balloon and Baby Balloon.

The DVD is accompanied by an illustrated booklet featuring a foreword by Lyn Gardner, and the booklet includes a timeline listing all Oily Cart productions since we started in 1981.

25th Anniversary DVD £10.50

Music from the shows

If you would like to buy the music from a previous show that is not listed here, please do contact us to see if it is available.

There was an Old Woman CD £6.00
THE BOUNCE (PMLD version) £6.00
THE BOUNCE (Autistic Spectrum version) £6.00
Mr and Mrs Moon CD £5.00
Baby Tube CD £5.00
ASD and PMLD Tube CD £5.00
30 Greatest Hits CD £7.50
In a Pickle CD £5.00
Ring a Ding Ding CD £5.00
Gorgeous CD £5.00
Baby Drum CD £5.00
ASD Drum CD £5.00
PMLD Drum CD £5.00
Jumpin' Beans CD and activities leaflet £6.50
Conference of the Birds CD £5.00
Pool Piece CD £5.00
How Long is a Piece of String? CD £5.00
Something in the Air CD £5.00
Mole in the Hole CD £5.00 Out of stock
Baking Time CD (2003 version) £5.00
Big Balloon CD £5.00
Baby Balloon CD and activities leaflet £6.50
Blue CD £5.00
Hippity Hop CD and activities leaflet £6.50
If all the World were Paper CD £5.00

How to order

If you would rather send us a cheque please make it payable to Oily Cart and send to Oily Cart, Smallwood School Annexe, Smallwood Road, London SW17 0TW.